about us

Iran Zamin Production and Industrial Group started its activity in 1995 in Mazandaran province in the field of pottery production using experienced and specialized staff. The group using the best and most reliable technology in Germany and using the best soil in the region. Launched its production pottery to the market. And succeeded in receiving the standard mark and ISO 18001,14001,9001.

In 2014, by changing the company’s policy of offering new products according to customer tastes, the new management decided to study and research and considering the technology of the construction industry in the world, the factory production line from the line Increase the production of pottery to seven production lines of decorative stones, facades, floors, prefabricated walls, ultra-lightweight concrete blocks and roof tiles and earthquake-resistant bricks.

The group has offered its products at a reasonable price and in accordance with the needs of the market and according to the customer’s taste with various designs and the right to choose more than 3000 colors. We hope the efforts of Iran Zamin Production and Industrial Group to develop the construction industry. Be effective in the country and bring it closer to international standards

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