What is a brick?

Brick is a Babylonian word. the name of the brick was the inscriptions on which were written the decree, charter, law and penalties.

Baking bricks must have been invented at the same time as the fire,, first in the pains where no stone could be found. Brick creation was first noticed as the mud within cooking ovens became hard and durable.. The history of brick-making in Khuzestan and Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia) is earlier than other parts of Iran. In India, it dates back to six thousand years ago and is mainly used in porcelain walls, porcelain facades and chairs and flooring

Iran Zamin Manufactures various types of pressure bricks, blade bricks, anti-earthquake bricks,  Produced  in various dimensions and it is offered to the market under the brand I Brick.

An example of the bricks  produced by Iran Zamin Production and Industrial Group Company can be seen below


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