Prefabricated wall – panel

Iran Zamin Production and Industrial Group, in order to reduce the costs of Delivery  and install, has produced prefabricated concrete walls with  various designs and  colors.  

These walls  have features such as being Light weight, reusable, paintability, easy to install, low shipping cost and low cost installation compared to similar items that are marketed under the brand name of e-panel

Clc block stands for Cellular Lightweight Concrete. It is a type of porous block that is made of a combination of cement, fine sand and air bubbles and is stored under special condition . In fact, blocks are a family of lightweight cement blocks that are produced from  a distinct additive in their mortar in accordance with, the world standard.

. Lightweight cement blocks have features such as fire resistance, , high resistance even against earthquakes, excellent  insulator, sound insulation properties and strong barrier against moisture.

In addition, they are very light and weigh three times less than clay and fly ash.

Currently, lightweight concrete is being used across the world as it is economical both directly and  indirectly.

Iran Zamin Manufacturing Company offers light concrete blocks in accordance with the international standard under the brand name of I Panel.

See some examples of our products below

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